King Island
Manuka Honey

Rod Skellet - Bee Keeper, Founder & CEO
The Tronics machine was bespoke to my current and future production plans and packaging ideas.
raw material and machined material
What we Do
Work closely with the customer's production needs to custom design, build & deliver a labelling and coding machine that upscales the business.
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What They Do
King Island Pure produces the highest quality, best tasting Manuka Honey on the planet.
King Island’s remote and untouched environment is unique, providing ideal growing conditions for our bees to produce this extraordinary honey.
King Island Pure Manuka had been relying on manual labour to label jars of honey, which was time-consuming and error-prone.
They needed a solution that would increase production efficiency while also improving the quality and accuracy of the labelling process.

The Factory Production


At the start of the production line and conveyor, King Island automatically fill jars with honey and tighten the screw top lids.

The honey is temperature controlled for absolute quality control.

Top Label Applied

Tronics perfectly timed labeller uses conveyor speed, sensors and a synchronised label head to apply the top label.

The label is peeled from the label roll and pressed by the sponge-type roller into the rim of the jar's cap while aligned and timed for a centred application every time.

Best Before Date
added to label

Using the Videojet Thermal Transfer Printer a chosen date is printed onto the label to suite this particular run of Manuka Honey.

Side Label
Applied & Wrapped

Next on the production line is the side-winged side label application. The label is swiped and rolled by modules on timed and aligned pneumatic arms.