Nicholas Hacko

Nicholas Hacko

Partnering with Milford Astor has been instrumental in our relentless pursuit of perfection, their unwavering support and accessibility are unmatched.
Josh Hacko - Technical Director
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What we Do
Provide requirement-centric pad printing equipment, vibrant inks, high-quality consumables, and, above all, unrivalled technical support and comprehensive training.
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What They Do
NicholasHacko is the first independent watchmaker to manufacture a wristwatch entirely in Australia – an incredible feat in the field of mechanical engineering.
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The Manufacturing Process

Printing Plate Creation

Steel printing plates are chemically etched, after a film positive has been made and the plate has been UV exposed and cured.

Milford Astor etched and inspected the plate at microscopic levels to ensure the design printed onto the watch face was perfectly consistent and the ink applied is evenly weighted.

Ink is Applied to the Printing Plate

Ink paste is filled into a sealed ink cup and placed in the pad printing machine.

During operation, the ink cup moves over the plate, with a small amount of ink inside.

The doctor blade, a precision blade that manages and wipes away excess ink, ensures only the etched design holds ink for a clean and precise transfer.

Pick up & Application of Ink onto the Watch Face

To transfer ink from the plate to the watch face, the rubber pad presses against the plate, picking up the ink from the etched design, and then moves across to 'stamp' it to the watch face.

Repeating this process creates a crisp image with layers of premium ink that instils unwavering confidence in the ink’s permanence.

Manufacturing of Other Watch Components

After completing the watch face, machining techniques like CNC machining, turning, milling, grinding, and polishing are used.

These processes shape and finish components such as cases, crowns, gears, and bracelets.

Skilled assembly by the watchmakers is then used to meticulously put together all the watch's elements.

The Finished Watches

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