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Milford Astor's reliable supply has led to a substantial boost in demand, output, and quality for our branded products.
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What we Do
Collaborate closely with customers to grasp their production needs, anticipate consumable requirements, and plan for future pad printing machine expansion.
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What They Do
Ensuring Australian workers get home safely with an extensive selection of top-rated safety gear for over 40 years.
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Paramount Safety needed pad printing machinery that could keep up with the demand for the extensive product line, spanning hard hats, goggles, masks, knee pads, welding shields, and more.
Milford Astor supplied Paramount Safety with two large machines that were capable of producing the six different colour designs.

The Production

Printing plate creation

Steel printing plates are chemically etched, after a film positive has been made and the plate has been UV exposed and cured.

Supply and manufacture of bespoke pads

Pads are manufactured at Milford Astor for specific shapes and surfaces to ensure the printed design perfectly transfers to each different safety item.

Supply of ink cups

Ink cups are made for the purpose of meticulously managing ink loads, safeguarding against excessive or insufficient ink application onto both the printing plate and the final print. The ultimate result is a sharp, crisp image.

Supply of speciality inks

Individually tailored colour blends, including metallic variations, are made to cater to the specific pad printing requirements. Each ink formulation is crafted to ensure robustness and durability, resulting in enduring and resilient imprints.

Mounting of the item

Each item is securely mounted to stop any movement. This guarantees each part of the print is perfectly aligned and positioned correctly on the item.

Inks are applied to printing plates

As part of the production, the different coloured ink pastes are filled into sealed ink cups on the pad printing production line and applied to the printing plates.

Ink pickup

Ink is picked up from the plate and transferred onto the pad before it makes its way to stamp the item.

As the machines work, the ink cups simultaneously refresh ink onto the printing plates.

Ink application

The pad 'stamps' each item repeatedly to build layers of ink and ensure a lasting design.

Each individual element of this process, from the creation of bespoke pads customised to the surface and size of each product, as well as the tailored inks that are supplied, ensure that complex branding deposition is optimised.

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