Working with Aldus Graphics was a standout experience, primarily due to their commitment to customer satisfaction and bespoke solutions.
Jurgen Gielen - General Manager NZ
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Aldus Graphics, a supplier since 1949, excels in label printing and flexographic industries. We provide top-tier print technology to label printers and packaging converters, delivering premium labels and packaging for brand owners.
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SATO is a global barcode and RFID technology company focusing on data capture and label printing solutions encompassing hardware, from printers and scanners to mobile computers, consumables, software, and professional services.
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Deciding on a MaRK ANDY MACHINE

What challenges were you facing that made you investigate the Mark Andy P7?

In seeking solutions to revitalise our production capabilities, we recognised the need to address the obsolescence of our current equipment, which had reached the end of its economic lifespan.

This inefficiency in our operations necessitated the consideration of advanced alternatives, leading us to explore the capabilities of the Mark Andy P7.

What was the implementation process? Any challenges that your team has had to adapt to? Any training considerations?

The implementation of the Mark Andy P7 involved a meticulously planned process initiated by the shipping of the equipment from the United States. We encountered a challenge with shipping delays, which were efficiently managed in coordination with the operations manager and our freight forwarder. Upon arrival, the unloading and installation phase was expedited and completed impressively within a week.

Subsequently, we conducted thorough print tests to ensure all units were correctly in register and auxiliary equipment was functioning optimally. Given our team's prior familiarity with Mark Andy presses, the training phase, encompassing two printers over three days, primarily focused on acquainting them with the new system's features and operations, proving to be a relatively straightforward exercise.

Have you noticed any impact or benefits already? How do you forsee the MA7 evolving with your company’s needs?

The introduction of the MA7 has already manifested significant benefits in our operations, notably in enhanced productivity, faster running speeds, reduced set-up times, and improved print register.

These advancements have not only elevated our print quality, ensuring greater consistency, but have also amplified our production capacity. As we continue integrating the MA7 into our workflow, we anticipate it evolving in tandem with our company's expanding needs, further optimising our operational efficiency.

Self-adhesive label production 30 - 40% faster than previously on long-run jobs Unsupported film - have doubled our run speed on this type of work

Our collaboration with Aldus Graphics has been a remarkably positive experience. From the initial demonstration to the installation and the post-purchase support, their team has demonstrated exceptional professionalism. We especially appreciate the ease and responsiveness in communication, which significantly contributed to the smooth integration of the new system into our operations.
Jurgen Gielen - General Manager NZ

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